Tour ACW2015 Tour Suspended

For release April 14, 2015


Tour ACW has announced the suspension of the 2015 Tour season.


When Tour ACW started, with the announcement of the Test Event, the purpose was to create opportunities for more athletes to be able to compete outside of the USA Wrestling schedule.


Since that time, there has been a ground swell in the number of opportunities that are available to athletes, both within the USA Wrestling framework, as well as from outside groups such as the Global Wrestling Championships and Flo Premier League.


This tremendous growth within wrestling has been great for athletes and fans and has filled a void Tour ACW sought to fill.


Upon talking with athletes, coaches, fans, and sponsors, it has become clear that there are plenty of opportunities for athletes who wish to compete to be able to compete at this time. As a result, Tour ACW has made the decision to suspend the 2015 Tour season.

















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