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All athletes are expected to know all the Tour ACW procedural and First2Ten competition rules.


Points of emphasis on the rules:

-No one may assist an athlete to their individual meeting with Tour ACW personnel.

-Once an athlete enters their individual meeting, they are not permitted to leave, before the meeting has concluded.  An athlete who fails to show prepared or fails to meet all of the terms of the meeting may be disqualified from competition.

-As a condition of competing, all athletes are required to affix the TOUR ACW patch to their competition apparel based on the terms provided upon their registration.  (Note: Three patches will be provided to each competitor)

-There are absolutely no weight class changes once registration has been completed.

-By registering an athlete consents to be bound by Tour ACW rules.

-The use of mat side coaches is prohibited.


Sponsorship of Athletes

All athletes are encouraged to gain personal sponsorship and to support their sponsors through their competition apparel.  However, all sponsors and competition apparel must adhere to Tour ACW policies and be in good taste and in keeping with the promotion of a family friendly event.  (Note: Athletes or Sponsors seeking clarification on specific applications are encouraged to contact Tour ACW.)



Event Information for Athlete:

-Weigh-in day facilities will not be provided, by Tour ACW, to athletes.  All athletes should plan accordingly.

-There will be no coaches recognized at this event.

-Due to the venue, spectator tickets are limited; it is recommended your family and friends purchase Social Memberships to ensure they are admitted to the event.





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