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Timeline of historic events in wrestling (incomplete)


7000 BC - Cave paintings show record of a crowd of people in the Bayankhongor Province of Mongolia gathering to watch two men wrestle


3000 BC - Stone Slab shows records of wrestling matches



2600 BC - Bronze statue of two men wrestling is cast in present day Iraq - currently the oldest record of sport ever found in Iraq



2300 BC - (Shown Above) Tombs in the Nile River Valley dipict over 400 different pairs wrestling and nearly all of the acts are used in modern Freesyle wrestling


776 BC -  First Ancient Olympic Games features wrestling and all wars are suspended to ensure the best can compete.


100 AD - Greek text writen on how to wrestle


393 AD - The Ancient Olympic Games are ended due to political and religious issues


1894 AD - International Olympic Comittee is formed


1896 AD - First Modern Olympics is held in Athens, Greece with wrestling as a core sport


1903 AD - First Collegiate wrestling match is held between Yale University and Columbia University 


1904 AD - First ever World Championship is held for Greco-Roman wrestling


1905 AD - The Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association (EIWA) holds the first ever collegiate tournament 


1912 AD - International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA) is formed to govern international wrestling (now with 174 member nations)


1927 AD - First Collegiate Wrestling rule book is formally writen


1928 AD - First NCAA Wrestling Championship is held at Iowa State College


1932 AD - The first 'Rose Bowl of Wrestling' Wilkes Open is held


1941 AD - The NCAA introduced a point system to determine winners in matches wrestled without a pin.


1951 AD - First FILA World Championship for Freestyle wrestling is held


1962 AD - First Midlands Championship is held at Northwestern University


1974 AD - Cornell College becomes the first, and only, private school to win the NCAA Division-I title


1987 AD - First FILA World Championship in Women's wrestling is held


1997 AD - Takedown Radio is launched


2002 AD - The University of Minnesota sets the national dual attendance record (15,646)


2002 AD - Real Pro Wrestling is founded


2005 AD - Real Pro Wrestling holds its first season of competition


2007 AD - Auburn Hills, Michigan sets NCAA Championship single session attendance record of 17,780 


2007 AD - Takedown Television goes live (now airing in 54 million homes in US)


2007 AD  - Wrestling media website is founded


2008 AD - Arkansas High School Athletic Association becomes the 49th state association to sanction a state championship


2008 AD - University of Iowa hosts Iowa State University--setting the national dual attendance record with 15,955 fan in attendance


2008 AD - Single session attendance record is set for the Olympic Trials in Dallas, Texas (9,434)


2009 AD - First National Collegiate Open Wrestling Championship is held


2009 AD - NCAA Wrestling Championships set an attendance record in St. Louis, Missouri (97,334)


2011 AD - NCAA Wrestling Championships set an attendance record in Philadelphia, PA (104,260)


2012 AD - The University of Iowa sets a new single season average dual attendance record (9,014)


2012 AD - St. Louis, MO breaks the single session (18,919) and total (112,393) NCAA Wrestling Championship attendance records


2012 AD - Iowa City, Iowa sets a new single session attendance record for the Olympic Trials (13,750)


2013 AD - The Southern Scuffle sets an attendance record (5,399) making it the best attended sports attraction in the city of Chattanooga


2013 AD - The Association of Career Wrestlers is founded


2013 AD - The Tour ACW Test Event is held in Pittsburgh, PA


2013 AD - Agon I is held in Las Vegas


2013 AD - Victory Wrestling Championships to take place in Omaha, NE.
















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