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May 1, 2013 - ACW Concept Announcement


The Association of Career Wrestlers is excited to tell you about a new wrestling event coming to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this October.  This event is going to combine the current Folkstyle and Freesyle Wrestling rules systems to create a more fan friendly and action packed event.


This event will offer competition in five weight classes (135 lbs, 155 lbs, 170 lbs, 205 lbs, & 265 lbs).  Each weight class will only allow sixteen athletes to enter with each weight class crowning a champion who will take home $2,500.


In this new scoring system, points will be awarded for the following:


Push out - 1 point
Takedown - 2 Points
Feet to back exposure - 3 Points
Near Fall - 2 or 3 points (depending on length of near fall exposure)
Escape - 1 Point
Reversal - 2 Points


June 1, 2013 will feature a rules video that will further explain the scoring system and other rules as they pertain to the athletes.


July 1, 2013 will feature an informational video that will announce athlete registration procedures and competition venue.


This new wrestling format is different than freestyle or folkstyle in that there will be no clock or periods.  Winners will be determined by either: (1) pinning their opponents shoulders to the mat, or (2) scoring their tenth point before their opponent scores ten points. 


In short, #First2Ten is how an athlete wins a decision.  An athlete can not win a match if they do not win by fall or score ten points.


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